Ménage à trois

Introducing INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH’s newest threaded end, the Ménage à trois. These exquisite new threaded ends are; made from a solid piece of 6AL4V ELI ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium, are available in 18g/16g and 14g/12g, and can be hand set with any of the SWAROVSKI stones that are on Gem Chart #1 (these ends pictured have 3 x 1mm, 3 x 1.5mm, and 3 x 2mm white SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA). We would really like to thank Rob Hill from Prysm Body Piercing; for doing such a great job of placing and presenting these for us, so you could see how wonderful that they could look on you!Ménage à trois

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This is the year that THE ODYSSEY begins…

In a class by itself. Pictured are a pair of 1″ I.S. ODYSSEY Double Flared Prong-set Multi Faceted Gem Eyelets, that were hand set with Black SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA and anodized to a copper color. These eyelets are part of the I.S. ODYSSEY Fine Quality Body Jewelry Collection.

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I.S. ODYSSEY Titanium Prong-set Faceted Gem Nipple Sheilds

Presenting: I.S. ODYSSEY Titanium Prong-set Faceted Gem Nipple Shields! These beauties accommodate our 14g straight barbells (11/16″ TBB w/ TB-1/8″ pictured), and the inside wearing surface is 1/2″. These also are available to accommodate 16g and 12g. We are so excited to add this to the collection!

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New Addition to the I.S. ODYSSEY line of fine quality body jewelry!

We are so exited about our ODYSSEY line that we are developing here at INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH! This is going to be a banner year for us! We appreciate those who choose to come on this odyssey with us!

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We are pleased to present I.S.’s newest edition to our ODYSSEY line of fine quality Titanium Faceted Gem Septum Clickers. This picture seriously does not do this beauty justice! This version has a 14g 1/4″ post with a 5/16″ depth and was hand set by us with 2 x 2mm (Brown), 2 x 2.5mm (Amber), and 1 x 3mm (Champagne) SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA… and anodized Copper. The most exciting thing is… that this is just the tip of the I.S. berg! Have a nice weekend everybody! :)

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Hi Everybody!
We would like to announce that registration is now open for EARMAGEDDON 2013! If you would like to find information on how to enter the 3rd year of this magnificent event, you can find out all about it… here! www.isbodyjewelry.com/contests :)

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Awe man… look what we did! INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH… changing the face of fine quality body jewelry, with it’s new Titanium Faceted Gem Septum Clicker… THE ODYSSEY! This version is hand set with 11 stones. Larger sizes (length/depth) are available (for other style clickers that we make, as well), and those will have 12 stones. Also, slightly flared adapters will soon be phased in. Exciting! :)

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We have 14g Segment rings!

Here are our new Titanium Segment rings in 14g. They are available in high polish, or a rainbow of colors!

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More new jewelry… :O

Wow! We have a lot of new products that have come out recently. Look for us to post more pictures, to better keep you informed of the latest that is available in the world of INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH FINE QUALITY BODY JEWELRY.

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INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH’s Titanium Interchangeable Faceted Gem Threaded Orbits are here!

A Body Piercer can now become a Body Jeweler™ with INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH’s new line of INTERCHANGEABLE GEM BODY JEWELRY!

TICGTO1 - Titanium Interchangeable Gem Threaded Orbit #1

These Threaded Orbits and all of its titanium components are manufactured by INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH from 6AL4V ELI ASTM F-136 implant grade titanium in our state-of-the-art facility that is located in Carlsbad, California USA.

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