Have You Seen These?


Here are some pictures of one of our newest items, the Titanium Septum Clicker. We introduced these to the piercing community at this year’s ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL PIERCERS in Las Vegas NV, where it became quite a hit! We are currently selling these styles, and are happy to say that we are making other versions as well.

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4 Responses to Have You Seen These?

  1. Chris Pixi Smith says:

    Am I correct in assuming that any of the current gems are available in these guys???:) & are there options with out the ‘screws’?

  2. Michelle Harris. says:

    Please could you send me a, brochure or catalogue of your Industrial Strength Jewelry?. Thank you.

  3. Clettina says:

    Are you going to make them with a post length of 3/8″? If so, when do you think they will be available? Thanks. I love the design.

    • Jonathan says:

      A 5/16″ post length is next. Then a 3/8″ length will follow. Can’t say for sure when, yet… but things are happening here for sure!

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