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Erik Dakota was a body piercer and a visionary at a time when the modern body piercing scene was just taking shape and gaining steam in the early 1990’s. Under the tutelage of Fakir Musafar , Erik pushed the envelope of what was already being done in the body piercing world a little further. He experimented with and perfected placement of piercings in the ear that had not yet been done before. He allowed the first recipients of some of these new experimental piercings to name them; the “rook” and the “daith” piercings being two of those piercings that are still done today… every day. He also forged new paths by figuring out the logistics of having a single piece of jewelry go through 2 or more piercings at once. This led to the wild ear masterpieces that he created , that led him to coin the term for them… the “Industrial Ear Project”. This piercing, of course, has spawned the popularity and the name of the ever-popular “Industrial” piercing that is done quite often nowadays.

Erik Dakota performing live at a benefit for BodyM in 2003

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