There’s Gold in them there hiils…

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH would like to introduce you to the judge of BVLA’s GOLDEN AWARD in EARMAGEDDON 2012:
Paul Stoll is the owner of the oldest active body piercing shop in the world, BODY MANIPULATIONS in San Francisco, and a very well-respected body piercer in the body piercing community. Growing up in the perfect city at the perfect time to get into piercing, Paul started practicing his future art on himself in 1989… at the ripe young age of 15! After a few years of learning what he could from who he could, he opened his own piercing business within a hair salon in the Haight district. In 1997, still yearning for something more, Paul went to work for Vaughn at the world renowned Body M. Through planning and perseverance, Paul eventually took over ownership of Body M from Vaughn, ushering in a new generation and matured the business into what it is today. Paul is very active in promoting safe body art practices in California, and is well known for his love of everything gold body jewelry, which has earned him the moniker… Goldfinger.

Paul "Goldfinger" Stoll

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