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Here are some pictures of one of our newest items, the Titanium Septum Clicker. We introduced these to the piercing community at this year’s ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL PIERCERS in Las Vegas NV, where it became quite a hit! We are currently selling these styles, and are happy to say that we are making other versions as well.

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INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH/BORNEO JOE "Passion" Series“PASSION” Series – available in 316LVM ASTM F-138 implant grade stainless steel in sizes ranging from 2g -1″

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH/BORNEO JOE "Dedication" Series“DEDICATION” Series – available in 316LVM ASTM F-138 implant grade stainless steel in sizes ranging from 2g -1″

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH/BORNEO JOE "Vitality" Series“VITALITY” Series – available in 316LVM ASTM F-138 implant grade stainless steel in sizes ranging from 2g -1″

Here is the lowdown…

These hand-cast 316L Stainless Steel designs that are coming out of The Flaming Bones camp are nothing short of spectacular! The ever-innovative Borneo Joe has done it again with his part of this first in a series of wild collaborations with our company! These are scheduled to be available through INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH on or around 08/01/2012. Go tell your I.S. retailer that you want some, so they can order them already! :)

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DIY-lets are coming!

Here are some of the latest pictures of our DIY-lets. DIY-lets, or “Do-It-Yourself” Eyelets, have threaded holes around the face that allows the wearer to change the look of their eyelet whenever they want! We will have a stock pattern of holes per each size of eyelet, but… custom threaded hole placement for these eyelets is also available. They are available in Single or Double flare from 00g – 2-3/4″…

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Our Newest Jewelry!

Here is a picture of some of the newest fine quality body jewelry that is now available through INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH! Feast your eyes! :)

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Back in Black…

Check out this 1-5/8″ pair of Black Steel Double Flare Inlay Eyelets with Gaboon Ebony Wood Inlay Disks. This is one of the stock designs that are able to be etched on the surface of the disks, but we are also able to etch custom designs… within reason… :)
So sexy…

So sexy...

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As part of the promotion of our second annual Industrial Ear Project Challenge, EARMAGEDDON 2012, we are having a $150 wholesale gift certificate giveaway on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/isbodyjewlery) for our clients. This gift certificate may be redeemed with us towards the purchase of Titanium Threaded Orbits, including configuration of the winner’s choice. This will be the first of a series of Threaded Orbit gift certificate giveaways that we will have to promote EARMAGEDDON 2012. These particular giveaways will take place every Wednesday until further notice (except for this one… which is starting on a Thursday).
We will do a post, along with a picture of some threaded orbits, on our page on our Facebook page at 4:00 p.m. PST on Thursday 03/22/2012 that will begin with this: “INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH’s “THREADED ORBIT” WHOLESALE CLIENT GIVEAWAY #2”
In that post there will be an accompanying picture displaying some Threaded Orbits (the post text will also be in the description of the picture). Customers of ours will share that picture of orbits on their business or personal Facebook page to rally their fans to click on the picture of the orbits and vote for their shop to win.
To Vote, Your fans will need to:
1) “Like” the INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH page (if they are not already fans of our page)
2) Click on, and “Like”, the picture of the orbits
3) “Comment” with the name/state of your business (i.e. “Acme Body Piercing/California”) in the comment section of the picture of the orbits
4) “Share” the picture of the orbits with the “public” on their own Facebook page
We will do a drawing at the end of the giveaway to choose a winner. The more fans that vote for you, the better chance you will have to win! We will be able to tell the winner which of their fans won it for them at the end of the giveaway if they want.
Below is a sample post of what you might use in the “write about this post” section, when you re-post our rally your fans. Feel free to copy and paste it and use it, or parts of it, on your page:
Hey Fans! Help us win some awesome jewelry from one of our great jewelry suppliers, INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH! This is what we need you to do.
1) “Like” their page (if you are not already one of their fans)
2) CLICK ON THE PICTURE of the orbits and “Like” it
3) “Comment” on the picture by copying and pasting YOUR SHOP NAME/YOUR STATE in the comment section
4) “Share” the picture with the public on your page
So, what do you say? Let’s do this! :)
The prize that will be awarded in INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH’s “THREADED ORBIT” WHOLESALE CLIENT GIVEAWAY #2 ($150 wholesale gift certificate) to the winning INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CORP client will be in lieu of a wholesale credit that will be applied to their account. We will choose a name from a list of the eligible soon after completion of the giveaway, and notify the winner by phone or e-mail.
1) This contest will begin at 4:00p.m PST on 03/22/2012, and end at 4:00p.m 03/27/2012.
2) Only the actions of legitimate Facebook personal profiles will be considered to be eligible.
3) A “vote” is considered to be the combined actions of “Like”, “Comment”, and “Share” of one Facebook personal profile
Rules are subject to change. This contest is void where prohibited.

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There’s Gold in them there hiils…

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH would like to introduce you to the judge of BVLA’s GOLDEN AWARD in EARMAGEDDON 2012:
Paul Stoll is the owner of the oldest active body piercing shop in the world, BODY MANIPULATIONS in San Francisco, and a very well-respected body piercer in the body piercing community. Growing up in the perfect city at the perfect time to get into piercing, Paul started practicing his future art on himself in 1989… at the ripe young age of 15! After a few years of learning what he could from who he could, he opened his own piercing business within a hair salon in the Haight district. In 1997, still yearning for something more, Paul went to work for Vaughn at the world renowned Body M. Through planning and perseverance, Paul eventually took over ownership of Body M from Vaughn, ushering in a new generation and matured the business into what it is today. Paul is very active in promoting safe body art practices in California, and is well known for his love of everything gold body jewelry, which has earned him the moniker… Goldfinger.

Paul "Goldfinger" Stoll

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Did you know…

Erik Dakota was a body piercer and a visionary at a time when the modern body piercing scene was just taking shape and gaining steam in the early 1990’s. Under the tutelage of Fakir Musafar , Erik pushed the envelope of what was already being done in the body piercing world a little further. He experimented with and perfected placement of piercings in the ear that had not yet been done before. He allowed the first recipients of some of these new experimental piercings to name them; the “rook” and the “daith” piercings being two of those piercings that are still done today… every day. He also forged new paths by figuring out the logistics of having a single piece of jewelry go through 2 or more piercings at once. This led to the wild ear masterpieces that he created , that led him to coin the term for them… the “Industrial Ear Project”. This piercing, of course, has spawned the popularity and the name of the ever-popular “Industrial” piercing that is done quite often nowadays.

Erik Dakota performing live at a benefit for BodyM in 2003

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EARMAGEDDON 2012 News Update:
The start date is set for March 1st, which is when INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH will begin accepting applications from professional body piercers all over the world to enter the second coming of their Ear Project Challenge, EARMAGEDDON 2012. The last day that entries will be taken will be July 31st. We know that some of you out there have already got some projects in the works, and we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this year! We will post the rules here on the Contests page a couple of days before then. There will be some changes to some things from the previous year, but nothing too major.

There will be an addition of an “old school” category… for entrants who use basic jewelry that was available in the 90’s. There have been some pretty cool basic jewelry ear projects than have been executed over the years, by some pretty talented earchitects. We wanted to pay homage to where it all came from by giving the genre its own prizes. All who qualify to enter the “old school” category will also be entered into the main category.

from body piercer Bryan Thomas of Tenessee USA

from body piercer Seth Dietz of Oregon USA

from body piercer Rob Hill from Iowa USA

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Here Is Where The Game Changes…

All the way to the left is three TBB (Titanium Barbell) connected together at each corner of the triangle with two threaded ends that when combined, form a double sided threaded end that pivots. Going counter-clockwise from the bottom left: But wait, there’s more

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