More Earmageddon Pieces

These items will be available to be ordered very soon. I wanted to get you all excited about what is on the horizon.

In this picture there are three orbits. The two on the bottom are orbits that are already in our catalog (TBFGO3 & TBFG04). They both have the TBJI-3/32”(Titanium Ball Joint Internal-3/32”) screwed on to cover all of th…e threads. Attached to each of the TBJI, is a TPRBJ-3/32”… and those two ends combined, create a double sided threaded end that pivots. Screwed into the TPRBJ are straight barbells… but you could use 14g curves, circulars…whatever you want.

The third orbit, the one on the top, is not in the catalog yet. It is set with a BKO (black faux-pal), and there are three 14g threads protruding from the top… and three miniature “eyes” that are affixed underneath. The code for it is TFPGO6B1, which is the code for the orbit without the dangles. You could order it with or without the dangles attached, and can also now order dangles separately.

In our grand master plan to turn piercers into body jewelers… a piercer could have many variations from our ever emerging line of DIY body jewelry… and create absolutely stunning masterpieces on their own!

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2 Responses to More Earmageddon Pieces

  1. Debbie Egy says:

    Can’t wait for the items coming out .
    Let us know as soon as they are in so we can order.

  2. Corrina says:

    lol…. this is a great idea! ;)