Here Is Where The Game Changes…

All the way to the left is three TBB (Titanium Barbell) connected together at each corner of the triangle with two threaded ends that when combined, form a double sided threaded end that pivots. Going counter-clockwise from the bottom left:

1) TBJ-3/32”/TPRBJ-3/32” combo (Titanium Ball Joint-3/32”/Titanium Prong Ball Joint-3/32”)
2) TB-1/8”/TPRBJ-3mm combo (Titanium Ball-1/8”/Titanium Prong Ball Joint-3mm)
3) TB-5/32”/TPRBJ-4mm combo (Titanium Ball-5/32”/Titanium Prong Ball Joint-4mm)

This piece was put together to show off the three different sizes of ball joint pivot ends that are available.

In the center, there are five TUH6 (Titanium Universal Hub-6 hole); one with nothing attached, and four with various attachments. Starting with the naked one, and going counter-clockwise:
1) This shows you what a TUH6 looks like without anything attached to it.
2) This is a TUH6 with six TBJ-3/32” (Titanium Ball Joint-3/32”) screwed into it.
3) This is a TUH6 with three TDTD-5mm (Titanium Double Threaded Disk-5mm) screwed into three of the six holes, and the opposite thread of each TDTD is covered up by a TBJI-3/32” (Titanium Ball Joint Internal-3/32”)
4) This is a TUH6 (anodized copper) with three TBJ-3/32”(anodized yellow) screwed into three of the six holes. Attached to each of the three TBJ-3/32” are three TPRBJ-3/32”(anodized copper)… and what happens when you combine those two threaded ends together? That’s right… it creates a double threaded end that pivots!
5) This is a TUH6 that has six TDST 14/14 (Titanium Double Sided Thread-14g/14g) screwed into all six holes. The TDST, which is also available in 14g/16g, enables the TUH6 to be connected to barbells. They also can be used to connect other internally threaded parts together! Pretty neat, huh?

And in the pile to the left of miscellaneous parts, the only thing pictured that I haven’t described yet are the TTE-14g (Titanium Threaded Eye-14g). There are three pictured (one on the bottom left, and two in the middle on the right), and they can be screwed into any 14g internal part. To the eye part could be attached; dangles, jump rings, chain, etc…
So, what do you think about that?!!

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